Google Adwords

Small businesses, entrepreneurs & startups.
Work on  As per your budgets as low as Rs 150 per day (though Rs 300/Day would be a par budget today).
Save money on bids & budgets, as much as 20- 30% per month.
Dnt pay a premium for the top positions, until get results.
Logical approach based on constant monitoring of search queries, keywords, bids & conversions.


Account Handling Fee
Rs 4000 for the first month, and Rs 20% of the budget from next month onwards. Please note that these are Account Handling charges & include NO credit to your AdWords account. Also note that these charges are payable in advance.


 ppc packages


 One Time Setup Cost  4000
 Minimum Campaign Budget/Month  Minimum : 5000 Rupees
 No. of Keywords  up to 100
 Text Ads  Yes
 Banner Ads  Yes
 Geo Targeting Setup  Yes
 Conversion Tracking  Yes
 Competitor Analysis  Yes
 Keyword Optimization  Yes
 Ad Groups Creation  Yes
 Keyword Bid Optimization  Yes
 ROI Analysis  Yes
 Landing Page Optimization  Yes
 Traffic Statistics Analysis  Yes
 Custom Monthly Report  Yes
 Minimum Period  3Months
 Maintenance Cost/Month  20%of the budget
 Google Analytics Setup  Yes


For Better Price / Project quotes

Sales : 8143011112

Daily review of your traffic, keywords & bids.
Daily tracking of conversions.
Optimum budgeting in line with ROI targets.
Increasing Conversion Rate
Increasing CTR
Increasing Ad position
Decreasing Cost Per Click
Effective use of Reports
Writing Relevant Ads
Bids and Budget Optimization


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